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Barre Town is a 1:1 school in grades K-8.  In grades Kindergarten and first, students are assigned a Chrome Tablet for use in the classroom.  In grades 2-8 students are assigned a chromebook to use while in school.  

In grades K-4, students leave computers at school and do not take them home.  Computers charge in the cart overnight for the next day of use. 

In grades 5-8, students are allowed to take them home if they are needed for homework.  If they do not have homework requiring a computer, chromebooks will be plugged into their homeroom cart to charge for the next day of use. 

Students are expected to respect and treat the chromebooks with care.  

Chromebook Handbook

Infinite Campus (Student and Parent Portal to check grades 5-8)

Chromebook Broken or not Working Properly? 

If your computer breaks, please email with a detailed description of the problem.  Include your full name, TA, and grade level in the email.  A member of the tech team will get your chromebook from your TA to repair it.  You can borrow an extra from the library until yours is fixed.