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Latest Update

March 4, 2022

Masking is still optional for all students and staff. BUUSD will continue to put out communications to staff and families, which will also be posted here. 

Guidance for returning to school after testing positive for COVID, regardless of vaccination status:

  • Return to school after Day 5 (Day 0 is the date of the test) if:
    • you have two negative antigen tests performed at least 24 hours apart, beginning no earlier than Day 4. (Rapid test kits are available for free at each of the schools)*
    • AND you never had symptoms, or your symptoms have resolved.
    • AND you have had no fever for at least 24 hours without the use of medicine that reduces fevers.
    • Masks are encouraged through Day 10.
  • OR if you choose not to test, stay home and isolate for 10 days. (Day 0 is the date of testing, regardless of symptom onset.)

With the new guidance, it is even more important that you stay home when sick.  COVID-19 is not the only illness in our community, and without masks, we can expect to see illnesses such as colds and the flu spread as they did before the COVID pandemic.

*LAMP tests (Antigen tests) are available through the VT Department of Health.  The BUUSD does not carry these.

people wearing masks