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Clubs & Activities

The Barre Town Middle and Elementary School offers students a wide range of clubs and activities to help foster learning, community service, and growth. If you're interested in learning more about a particular club, ask your teacher for more information.


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Student Council:  Students in grades 5 through 8 are invited to join Student Council. Student Council offers a variety of skill building, event planning and community service projects throughout the school year. At each meeting we work on learning and developing leadership and communication skills. Our Student Council members are responsible for planning for and carrying out school-wide events such as school dances, the school store, the annual David Stefaniak Memorial Holiday Food Drive, the annual Barre Town's Got Talent show, pep rallies and more! The BTMES Student Council is a great opportunity for kids to interact, grow and be involved in our school community.

Dissection Club:  Dissection club offers an opportunity for seventh grade students who are interested in learning more about how body systems differ between classifications of organisms.  We perform a minimum of 5 different dissections (but have done as many as nine). We explore each organisms unique body systems, focusing on skeletal, circulatory, digestive, respiratory and muscular. There is a progression of organisms starting with some of our simpler common organisms like earthworms and culminating in a fetal pig dissection.

Drama Club: The Drama Club has been enriching the Barre Town School Community for many years. It evolved from the traditional one-act play, in which students were required to try out for a limited number of parts, to an all inclusive musical production. Any 5th through 8th grader who desires to be in the Drama Club is invited to participate in a way that shows off their unique talents, including acting, singing, set building, costume design and choreography.



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Students work on disecting a bird
student acting on stage in a play
Students pose with a model bridge
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