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Chicken Coop

Welcome to the BTMES Chicken Coop site!

An exciting addition to Barre Town Middle and Elementary School for the 2014-15 school year - and one that we still enjoy to this day - was the construction of our very own chicken coop!

Teachers, along with their students are welcome to visit the coop.  Visits are at the teacher's discretion.  Students visiting the coop during the school day should always be accompanied by a BTMES staff member.  Are you interested in caring for the chickens?  To sign up for coop duty with your students, email Mrs. Harding with the date and time you would like.  She can help get this scheduled.

How to care for the chickens:

  • Toss a small handful or two of scratch into the coop, especially under the roosts.
  • Water should be given on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays. If you come to the coop before 4:00PM, there are water jugs available in the main office. If you come after 4:00, please bring a couple of gallons of water from home. 
  • Food can be refilled when low. Our food is stored in the metal trash can. 
  • Collect eggs from nest boxes. 
  • Use sanitizer before exiting coop, and wash with soap and water as soon as possible.
  • Remember, chickens should never go in the storage room.

Washing & Storing Eggs:

Containers for bleach solution for washing eggs

At BTMES we rinse our eggs in warm water, and using the pads of your fingers (not finger nails) you should be able to get the egg clean. We then sanitize the eggs by rinsing the egg with a mild bleach water solution, and pat the eggs dry with a paper towel. There are small bottles of bleach water in the coop for you to bring you, above the right hand window. 

egg cleaning solution in bottles above window


Other notes:

  • The run door is on a timer and will open and close automatically. 
  • Your students may go into the coop to visit with the chickens, or to help with feeding them. Be sure to have them wear boots and smocks, and remind them not to touch their face while/after handling chickens. Use hand sanitizer upon leaving the coop.
  • You are more than welcome to bring food scraps to throw into the run for the chickens. Apple/pear cores, corn cobs, melon rinds, or vegetable scraps are all welcome. Breads and cooked grains (no uncooked rice) are good treats as well.


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Barre Town Student hold a chicken
Barre Town Students learn about chickens
Picture of the Chicken Coop
Barre Town Students hold a chicken
Barre Town student holds a chicken
Picture of the completed chicken coop
workers lay the foundation of a new chicken coop
students gather around a chicken coop
picture of the new Barre Town School chicken coop
picture of the new chicken coop under construction
Picture of the new chicken coop under construction
Picture of the new Barre Town School chicken coop
picture of workers building the new chicken coop
Picture of workers building the new chicken coop