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Proficiency Based Learning

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Proficiency-Based Learning

As grades 5-8 at Barre Town continue implementing Proficiency-Based Learning, we encourage you to explore and ask questions along the way. This page will be a place to find information, including links to other resources.

We are pursuing Proficiency-Based Learning as an important element in Act 77 which initiated flexible and personalized pathways and our State Board of Education’s Education Quality Standards. In looking further you will notice the terms proficiency-based, standards-based, competency-based, and mastery. These are simply different terms referring to the same general approach to learning and grading.  For our purposes we will typically use proficiency-based, as it is the term used by Vermont’s Agency of Education. We will also commonly use standards-based when referring to grades.

It is our hope to keep you fully informed this year.  For questions specific to your student, do feel free to connect with their teacher.

To learn more about Act 77, Flexible Pathways, and Proficiency Based Learning, we encourage you to visit the following links to the Vermont Department of Education:

Flexible Pathways / Act 77

Proficiency Based Learning